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    Jiaming Tongcheng
    Jiaming Tongcheng

    Jiaming Tongcheng is a well reputed residential community in Beijing. It is located to the east of Beiyuan East Road of the Asian Games Village, the entrance of Olympic Village and a metro line 5 station sits by the front gate of the community. At the beginning of this project, we specially kept over 100 trees which were over 50 years old; this 300-meter beautiful Sycamore Avenue is much loved by the residents. To improve the community quality, Jiaming Tongcheng invited the famous 21st century bilingual kindergarten and Chenjinglun High School to provide the educational needs of the community and improve its regional value.

    B + H architectural firm, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
    Building statistics
    • Gross Floor Area: 800,000 square meters
    • Planning and construction land area: 250,000 square meters
    • Community educational facilities: The twenty-first century bilingual kindergarten, Chenjinglun High School