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China is a huge piece of land and thickly populated area on the earth. Live the tradition and culture of other countries, Chinese food differs from east, west, north and south regions. You can categorize the Chinese food mainly into Cantonese food, Sichuan or Szechuan food, mandarin food etc. and the entire far eastern region is highly influenced with this miraculous food. Basically it is a simple food and rice is the leading content of it. Where rice is not available, they extensively use noodles made from rice and wheat. Since they are eating using the chop sticks, they prefer such food varieties which can be caught with the chop sticks and placed into the mouth.

They are the people taking great pride in eating Chinese food and using Chinese materials. Chinese restaurants are a craze in every country and most dishes available in those countries are not authentically made as per the Chinese preparation but converted as per the taste of their people. Chine food is recognized as one of the most popular styles of food on the earth. The first condition to prepare the Chinese menu is all the ingredients should be fresh regardless the vegetables, sea food or food grains. Compared to the western unhygienic junk food Chinese cooking demands the selected ingredients like live and fresh sea food, beef, chicken, fruits, vegetable and natural herbs.

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